Sue & Me Met in Korea (Grammar?) Many Moons ago. Making a long story short, we started a hamburger joint in Korea, then another, then a bar, then another. We then started importing Nova Scotian Lobster to Korea and eventually started a lobster restaurant...of course.

We came to Canada 13 yrs ago and bought a bakery on Peggy's Cove rd because we thought "How hard can baking be? We found out. After many restaurants across Canada we have finally arrived in McBride. What a long strange trip its been.


Eatery: 443 Main St McBride BC

V0J 2E0

B&B: 488 Main St McBride BC V0J 2E0



Wed - Sat 11am - 9pm

Closed Mon, Tues


Eatery: 250-569-0080

B&B: 250-457-3010

Something cool happened today! A stranger to McBride paid the tab for a McBride family anonymously. When they found out, they paid it forward to another McBride table! A chain started and 6 tables paid it forward for others.


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